Protecting Yourself in the Wild

The Problem with Free Wi-Fi Coffee shops started it and now everyone’s in on it. Free Wi-Fi is everywhere these days. That means client communication, catching up on industry news and collaborating on projects are all conveniently possible from almost anywhere. However, you must tread carefully. Connecting to public Wi-Fi poses a major security threat […]

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Bringing Harmony to your business

Many companies are starting to have a healthy skepticism about the benefits of engaging consulting firms rather than hiring and developing internal staff. When fees run high, communication is strained, and problems persist, something about the arrangement is obviously not working. Pat Lynes, a business transformation consultant who interviewed over 100 executives for his latest […]

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Barriers to adopting cloud computing: Can your business overcome them with confidence?

Some organizations are still skeptical about migrating all of their data and implementing cloud services. In some ways, the term “cloud computing” is unfortunate, as the word “cloud” doesn’t conjure up images of security, or an impenetrable vault. But it may help to remember that “cloud computing” is more of a rebranding than it is […]

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