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Maximize your company’s profits by rethinking the role of Compliance with Harmony Technology Services. Discover how we approach this traditionally burdensome process and turn it into an opportunity for success. Learn how our risk alleviation techniques through better Compliance can open the door to better outcomes for your business.

IT Asset Management

This white paper outlines the importance of effective IT Asset Management by Harmony Technology Services, helping businesses avoid unnecessary asset purchases and fully utilize existing resources for optimal efficiency and cost savings.

Cyber Security

Protecting your company’s data requires a well-planned cybersecurity process, not just a one-touch, push-button cure-all. At Harmony Technology Services, we begin with a detailed risk assessment to address your company’s specific needs. While some companies may rely on high-level security packages, we take a smarter, risk-based approach to ensure your company’s protection.

Improving Provider Directories: What Works

This paper offers a comprehensive literature review of available articles on provider directory accuracy and its potential impact, providing potential solutions to the current problem of provider record inaccuracies and “ghost providers” in a network. The author explores a range of regulatory and technical solution concepts that can be employed to advance the state of provider record accuracy, and offers insights to enhance directory accuracy and its overall impact.

Sizing & Improving Provider Directories: 

Our aim is to create decision support tools that assist in provider network size and composition development, taking into account agency, customer, and industry requirements. These tools should address specific contract requirements, performance goals, and penalties, and generate internal performance metrics tied to network size and composition.


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Protecting Yourself in the Wild

Protecting Yourself in the Wild

The Problem with Free Wi-Fi Coffee shops started it and now everyone’s in on it. Free Wi-Fi is everywhere these days. That means client communication, catching up on industry news and collaborating on projects are all conveniently possible from almost anywhere....

Bringing Harmony to your business

Bringing Harmony to your business

Many companies are starting to have a healthy skepticism about the benefits of engaging consulting firms rather than hiring and developing internal staff. When fees run high, communication is strained, and problems persist, something about the arrangement is obviously...